Tropic Living Isle Products

Tropic Living Isle Products:

For over 17 years Tropic Isle Living has been specializing in making natural hair, skin and body care products from oils, herbs and berries from Jamaica, the rest of the Caribbean and Africa. Our products are not mass produced, they are mostly made the old fashioned traditional hand processed way. We do so because its one way to preserve the natural magnetism of our products while paying homage to the elders and ancestors that passed on the knowledge.

Our most popular product is the Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It is a powerful and proven hair conditioner, but it is also traditionally used for: aches and pains, laxative, skin issues, breast massage, detoxifier and much more. The effectiveness and the multiple benefits of this wonderful healing oil has prompted us to use it as a base in Tropic Isle Living's other hair and skin products including our: Coconut Black Castor Oil, Black Castor Oil Hair Food, Black Castor Oil Protein Conditioner, Black Castor Oil Shampoo, & Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil.

4oz Black Castor Oil
$48 Doz
8oz Black Castor Oil
$96 Doz
Black Castor Oil Serum
With Argan Oil $120 Doz
Shampoo $96 Doz
Strong Roots Growth Oil
With Pimento $96 Doz
Coconut Castor Oil $72 Doz
Conditioner $96 Doz
Leave In
Conditioner $96 Doz
Hair Food $72 Doz
Lavender Castor Oil $72 Doz
Lemongrass Mint Bush
Bath Shower Gel $12.99each
Ginger Bush Bath
Shower Gel $12.99each
Island Spice Bush Bath
Shower Gel $12.99each
Khus Khus Body Butter $7.99each
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